50 Years

Message from the Mayor

Alderman W.J. Smuts

Mayor W.J. Smuts

As all cricketers will know scoring your first fifty is a momentous occasion and will receive a round of solid applause during a match. Caps off to Hermanus Cricket Club on achieving its first half-century. In its current form, nothing is going to stop them from getting a full one!

Cricket is a great and captivating sport. After next year’s World Cup, where South Africa is for sure certain to lift the trophy, it will be more popular than ever. Cricket in Overstrand is going to boom and as the leading club in our municipal area, Hermanus must prepare itself to play a major role in bringing the game to the people.

For the development of our youth — the leaders of tomorrow — cricket is one of the best activities to offer. It teaches one about the importance of teamwork, but also that individual brilliance can save the day. You learn to dig deep when you are in trouble, but also never to be sure that victory is yours. You have to work hard till the last ball is bowled.

Hermanus Cricket Club, with it great achievements of the past and the beautiful setting of its home ground, is one of our area’s finest assets. It fits in perfectly with the vision of the Overstrand Municipality, namely to turn our area into the most desirable destination to visit, stay and do business. It contributes towards achieving our mission: to facilitate and sustain an environment for the development of a world-class tourist industry supported by environmental, sensitive development.

It is my wish that our partnership with Hermanus Cricket Club will be a long and happy one.